bytes shifted to separate blog

Having finished my crazy gonzo travel blog saga about my last trip to Japan, I have decided to split my blog in two. The idea is to start posting more technical articles without scaring the hell out of friends/relatives who don’t care about Git merging strategies, reading their mail in Emacs or experimental Ruby prototypes of XMMS2 clients.

This blog will remain at, and will continue to host all my posts about stuff normal people might care about: Japan, music, creative writing, society, travels, culture, etc.

The new blog has appeared at and will contain all the computer-related posts (xmms2, development, projects, information architecture articles, etc). This is the blog for the coders, technologists, transhumanists among you. More about that side of me on the about page.

I have already copied all the technical articles from this blog to the new one, and I plan to rename and rework to better represent the content shift.

Nota bene: both blogs have separate RSS feeds, so if you want to follow the new blog, don’t forget to subscribe to that feed as well!