Living abroad is a challenge and a privilege. Having had the chance to do it on multiple occasions, I’ve also felt the need to share my experiences with friends and family. I always found that writing about something is the best way to make sense of it yourself, and to give some of it to others, too. And because those diaries are not meant for anyone in particular, you can read them all here.

My first stay abroad consisted of A Year in Sweden (in French), in 2004-2005, as an Erasmus student in Linköping.

In 2007, I spent seven months doing my master thesis as an intern in Ōsaka, Japan. This adventure is recounted in Internship in Osaka (in French and English).

The next year, I returned to Japan for three weeks, during which I wrote Japan Trip ’08, a kind of gonzo diary of my trip and reflections on Japan.

In parallel, I also started on an incomplete panorama of the Japanese cuisine entitled Au bout des baguettes (in French).

As for my time as a Londoner, since 2009, it is all filed in London Life.