Google automatic translation delights

Granted, automatic translation from Japanese to English is a hard job, but sometimes it yields true gems:

The many user is in the midst of connecting. At present the server to be packed, we apply annoyance. It is the number of hands, but putting in place time, accessing for the second time, it can receive, the fish we ask.

I see.

Registering online (tickets, concerts, etc) is major fun when all the
forms are in Japanese. The important information is usually displayed
as images on buttons, which you have no way to translate. Also, you
better know how to write your name in Japanese katakanas… In my case: セヴェイ セバスチャン (sebei sebasuchiyan)!

If you want to train your Japanese, the original text was:

多数のユーザーが接続中です。 ただ今サーバーが混み合いご迷惑をおかけしております。お手数ですが時間をおいて再度アクセスしていただけますようお願いいたします。

Now hopefully, I did not order pink skirts and successfully bought my ticket for the incredible Summer Sonic Festival!